Master in "Quality management in the European health care systems"

General Framework

- The master lasts 18 month (January 2017 - June 2018) and provides 60 university credits (1500 hours) and includes lectures, discussion seminars, teamwork, traineeships an theses.
- 9 week class modules (Monday afternoon through saturday morning) and 300 hours traineeship in a facility (to be chosen all around Europe).
- The course language in English.
- Participants' final dissertation can be written in their native language, along with a detailed abstract in English.
- Admission Fee: 4000€/participant (1st level); 4900€/participant (2nd level).


Why to apply?

The aim of the Master Course is to train expert professionals in promoting continuous improvement of quality in healthcare systems. The participants will acquire skills in quality management and measurement in healthcare, change management and human resources development, risk management, project management and process management (process and complex system structuring). The Master Course aims also to improve the communication through the use of specific strategies, raising awareness of the quality perceived by the patient, knowledge of various quality models on international level, as well as exchange of "best practices" and promotion of multiculturalism in the healthcare system. quality

Participants will be able to:

- Design a quality sistem
- Develop, implement and evaluate quality and patient safety initiatives in a complex healthcare system
- Plan patient safety and infections' prevention campaigns
- Analyze and measure processes, using appropriate indicators and tool
- Lead teams to introduce and accelerate innovations, along with enhancing people competence and empowerment
- Involve all the internal & external stakeholders
- Take advantage of technology at every level of the system
- Enstablish relationships and networking both local, national and international level
- Choose and aplly economics analysis to quality and safety programs




Modules Date

Module 1

Introduction to quality

January 2017

Module 2

Measuring quality - statistics and epidemology.

March 2017

Module 3

Statistics epidemology and project management

May 2017

Module 4

Complex Adaptive systems (CAS), innovationm creativity and human resources

September 2017

Module 5

Process in the healthcare organization

July 2017

Module 6

Risk management and infection control
November 2017

Module 7

Human resources management and tools of risk management: root cause analysis and safety walkaround

 January 2018

Module 8

Communication and perceived quality, health technology assessment and patient enpowerment

 March 2018

Module 9

Quality models: institutional, professional and excellence accreditation systems

 May 2018

Thesis discussion

June 2018 


Application deadline:  December, 5th 2016


Who can apply?

Admission to the program is open to healthcare professional with at least a bachelor's degree in healthcare or a related field:

- Medical Doctors
- Nurses
- Decision Maker
- Healthcare professionals
- Researchers
- Administrative professional


For more details please consult the Degree Program.


Download the brochure: I level | II level


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